IT Project Planning

Within the scope of the IT project service we provide as Everest Technology; By analyzing the way your company works, we determine the technological infrastructure requirements suitable for you. In this context, we meet your necessary hardware and software system needs. Our IT consultancy company reviews your existing systems, makes the necessary improvements and provides necessary training to customers about new systems.

Server Installation Service

As your business grows over time and your company's operating system develops, you will need to connect your computers together. You will be able to achieve this thanks to servers. Working as a team in a server environment will have many advantages. For example; When any software is installed on the server, it can be used by anyone with a user license. Or, thanks to the server software, you will be able to prevent data loss and provide automatic backup. Servers will also be your first line of defense against viruses and other breaches. Antivirus software will be distributed from the server and can be upgraded, so all users will have easy access to the latest updates.

If you want to have all these opportunities, Everest Technology will provide you with the necessary support for server installation. You can rent servers or purchase them from the company.

Maintenance Agreement

You can obtain a corporate computer maintenance agreement by receiving IT services and IT consultancy services from our company Everest Technology. Your electronic devices specified within the scope of this agreement will undergo comprehensive maintenance. Our company's expert staff will check your electronic devices within the time you specify; It will detect deficiencies, malfunctions and problems and provide the necessary solutions. You can make a maintenance agreement monthly or annually.