IT Security Solutions

Protecting systems, networks and programs against internal or external digital attacks is vital for all companies, large or small. These cyber attacks often aim to access, alter or destroy sensitive information. Precautions must be taken and these precautions must be strictly followed in order to avoid virtual attacks carried out to interrupt competitors' normal business processes, extort money from companies through illegal and unethical means, and similar reasons. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is especially difficult today because attackers are becoming more innovative and developing new attack methods against established security measures.

Everest Teknoloji, BT hizmetleri ve BT danışmanlığı sunarak şirketinizi ve değerli bilgilerini güven altına alır. Bilişim güvenliği konusunda Everest Teknoloji’nin sunduğu hizmetlerden bazıları şunlardır;

  • DLP Solutions
  • Log Solutions
  • Password Solutions
  • IDS Solutions
  • IPS Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • File Server Solutions
  • Identity Solutions
  • IDM Solutions
  • Firewall Solutions

Security of Emails

E-mails are an important system that allows people to communicate on the internet. Thanks to this system, people; It can also exchange various data such as music, videos and documents. Everest Technology helps you prevent possible security problems you may encounter by providing support on e-mail security.

About Application Security

The process of examining security problems against all kinds of threats that may come from outside is called application security. Nowadays, application security has become very important in terms of eliminating security problems. Using this technology, security vulnerabilities can be detected. In this way, companies can continue their operations without any problems. You can get application security support from Everest Technology at the most affordable prices.