IT Maintenance and Support Services

Everest Technology offers basic installation services and technical maintenance services within the scope of IT consultancy services. By providing IT maintenance and support services to companies; It provides services such as providing technical infrastructure and working to ensure the correct operation of these infrastructure products. You can access the IT services it provides on-site or remotely.

About UPS System

UPS, which stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a system that activates and provides backup power in case of power supply interruptions or voltage drops due to any reason. A UPS provides a safe and orderly shutdown of a computer and connected equipment. This precaution, which is mandatory to avoid interruption of work and loss of unsaved work, can be used for consumer electronics, computers, gaming systems, home theater electronics, network equipment and entry-mid range servers. Everest Technology also provides the necessary support for Ups and Ups maintenance with its expert team within the scope of IT consultancy services.

Repair Services

No matter how efficiently you use electronic devices, unexpected problems can always occur. In order to prevent your work from being interrupted and your productivity to decrease, you can get technical support and repair services from Everest Technology any day and any time of the week. Everest Technology works within the principle of customer satisfaction. For this reason, you can contact the company for any issues that require support or that you have in mind. The company offers complete service in all matters you can think of, such as repair, maintenance, support, service and repair.

Consumables Service

Everest Technology sells many computer consumables such as motherboards, ram, processors and so on, including computer sales. At the same time, it can replace and fill materials such as cartridges and toner required for printers. You can get the consumable support your office or individual computer needs with Everest Technology support.